September 26 – Ephrata Shelter Prayer Requests

  • Please pray that my sister can have an enjoyable and fulfilling life, and that she will eventually learn to confide in me.  Pray for protection for my sister and nieces.  Pray that I can overcome and use my hurts in a good way.
  • Hey, guys!  God bless you all!  I would like for y’all to pray for me because I’ll be giving birth next month, Oct. 29, and I just want everything to turn out good, and for God to supply the rest because I don’t have it all for the baby.  But I’ll leave it all in God’s hands.  Another big thing… pray for me that God helps me and my kids to find a place.  Thank you.   God bless.
  • Please pray for Marines being deployed, for financial stress and work stress, for brothers who are stubborn, and for patience with others.
  • Prayers for finding a home again.
  • Pray for me and my son.
  • Please pray for me in this stressful season.  I am feeling extremely overwhelmed.
  • Father-in-law’s cancer has not gotten better after 6 rounds of chemo.
  • Pray for an awesome full-time job with purpose, challenges, and good pay, that fits well with the next progression with my kids.
  • Pray that I get the job I applied for, that I have a great time at the fair with my boyfriend and sister, that I find a person to let me learn how to drive, and pray that I find more faith.
  • Please pray for me.  My body hurts every day!!  Also pray for people in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and for my nephew that he listens to me and goes to school.

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