July 27 – Ephrata Prayer Requests

Here are current prayer requests from the Ephrata Shelter residents

  • Prayers for debts and financial issues with college.
  • Pray that my children are kept safe while they are not with me, and that they maintain the values that I try to instill in them.
  • I would like prayers for me and my kids, for God to always be with us.  I want prayers for guardian angels, and strength to keep going and to keep motivated at all times, even when times get tough; to never give up and have faith that God is with me at all times.
  • Pray for me to have a real home once again.
  • I lost my grandmother this past weekend.  She is the woman who raised me and inspired my life.  I ask for strength, guidance, and for closure.  I pray that she is in a better place.
  • Please pray for strength and courage in this changing season of life.
  • Pray for reunification with my children – very soon!  Pray for peace and faith for them and me during this time.  Pray for my children’s safety, health and well-being, and for strength and hope for me.  Also, I need a job!  Pray for a successful, quick bankruptcy filing, and line up our lives for 50% custody.
  • Pray for C__ that she gets her children; for K__ that she gets her transfer; for M__ that she keeps doing what she’s doing to find a job.  And for my family:  H__ that she gets the job she applied for; for K__ that she does well in college (and give her courage); for M__ that he passes summer school.

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