Getting to know Terry

Terry Weaver is a nice guy. That’s what everyone seems to say shortly after getting to know him, including me.

He is also warm, caring, unassuming, and bright.

Terry was raised in a fairly strict Christian household, and like many men he has had his moments of rebellion and less that perfect choices. He recently shared his story with the men of The Good Samaritan Shelter in a program called This Is Why I Believe.

As Terry shared his personal testimony with his fellow residents, all present were transformed by the strength of his faith.img_1460

Terry also mentioned that he had once struggled with an addiction, but turning just once to God to take away the temptation has been enough to keep him sober for the last nine years.

When I asked Terry how his journey had brought him to us at GSS, his reply was simple. “They laid off a number of people at my job, including me. I was unable to find enough work to keep up with my rent.”

Since coming to us, Terry has transitioned from Emergency Housing to Transitional Housing and now to Affordable Permanent Housing. He participates regularly in Bible study programs, although his job at the local Acme sometimes keeps him away.

Terry would like everyone to know that he is grateful for the work and support of GSS, and for the friendships he has established here. He plans to spend Christmas with his mother and nine-year-old daughter, back in Lancaster County.

We are blessed to have such a kind and spirit-filled man among us. Merry Christmas Terry!



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