What a blessing! by Denise Fitzgerald

Two years ago my daughter went away to college, and I had nothing to do but sit around feeling sorry for myself in an empty farmhouse with a husband and three dogs; I was  scanning Facebook continually and not even liking anything!  All of a sudden a picture  showed up of people  serving dinner at the Good Samaritan Shelter!  I said to myself, I want to do that!  I wrote to Nate Hoffer asking how does one do this.

Boy, oh boy, was I nervous when Nate responded right back by email at my place of work, saying that the guys at the Emergency Shelter were looking forward to us serving a meal!  Everything was done in one email, he made it so easy!

The next day I let everyone know at work know what we were ALL going to do! We were all excited and nervous at the same time! Everyone at work responded with what they were bringing, and if they were coming.  

Our first meal  was in November of 2014. We brought our food to 133 High Street and sat and ate dinner with our new friends from the Shelter.    Dinner and just hanging out with the men from the Shelter went better than expected!  I don’t know what I was expecting, honestly, I was just really nervous… I had never done anything like this. I was totally stepping out of my comfort zone!  

I’ve gone on missions trips out of the country before and always followed others. Putting something together like this and then really acting upon it overwhelmed me!  The thought of going to the shelter and just hanging out really made me nervous. I wondered what we would talk about, what would happen if no one showed up. What  if the men were mean to us…. these are the thoughts that ran through my head.

On our first night a man named John Moore greeted us and he couldn’t have welcomed us any better!  He acted like we were neighbors bringing dinner, just like you’re supposed to act!  We got the biggest welcome ever and felt right at home.

After that,it all fell right into place. We kind of all knew what to do, it was like ALL of us were helping each other out, just like a family. Someone set the table, another started spooning the food, we were serving each other and before we ate Mr. Scott Fitzgerald prayed over our meal and blessed us all!  And what a blessing it has been!  Blessing after blessing !!!

Every single second was filled up with laughter and talking, and helping one another until we headed out the door!  Even clean-up was easy, as our new friends helped with clean-up, washing dishes and putting together leftovers!  Our friends  even walk us to our car door every month now!   FRIENDS, we are all friends…being better together!!!  

It is two years later now, my other daughter went away to college and I was NOT surfing Facebook this time, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I want to keep on serving and hanging out with our friends from the Shelter!

I got our church small group  together  and we now serve and eat dinner  over at the house on 318 Main Street, the Breitegam House!


The folks from Scargill-McClurken Insurance company (including Denise and Scott Fitzgerald) after a dinner at the Emergency Shelter.


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